Over the summer of 2018 I had the pleasure of working as an FX Art Intern at Ready at Dawn. During my time as an intern I worked on two of their flagship titles: Echo Combat and Deformers. Most of the work I did in Deformers was adding new ultimate abilities for each Deformer. I was responsible for the effect itself from concept to implementation. Below you can see a few of the FX systems that I set up for two of the unique forms.
Projectile Based FX: Buster
For this effect, I needed to create a system that spawned particle systems on the projected arc of the projectile, the projectile itself, and the normal direction of the ground plane. Each system required a slightly different direction, as each system needed to re-enforce a different motion/function. I ended up spending quite a bit of time tweaking the timing of each system in order for the effect to feel substantive while still reading clearly as an area of effect impact.
Below is a video of the effect in game!
Character Based FX: Slamquake
I was tasked with creating an FX system for one of the new elephant forms that triggered three times in succession. My main goal with this effect was to reinforce the impact of the form, while clearly indicating the abilities damage radius.
Below is a video of the effect in game!
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