Pipeline Tools

Batch Export Maya Script
Batch Export is a Python script I wrote for Maya. The goal is to help speed up the time it takes to export out large tilesets and modkits piece by piece. Instead of having to hand export each object by hand, just select the objects you want exported and a folder to save them in. Now click export, and all of your selected objects will be exported with standardized pivot points at the origin of the graph.
If you want to check it out, you can download below!
Custom Tile Generation Tool

After spending way too much time making slightly different versions of the same tile floor, I decided to just make my own custom node. You can use the generator to output colored tiles, or use up to five grayscale images to create your own tile patterns.
Some of the included instanced parameters are: Tile X Amount, Tile Y Amount, Water Level, Mosaic Mode, Edge Wear, Chip Damage, Pattern Color, Grout Color, Damage Color.
Rock Generator Node

Almost every Substance Designer material I make has some form of rocks or debris. So in order to speed up the process, I made a custom generator that produces random rock shapes. The goal was to keep the node as simple as possible, with the only exposed parameters being sliders for micro damage, macro damage, and the ability to use a custom input as your base shape.
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