Game Prototypes

Wet Dog Corp.
In this project, I collaborated with a small team to create a VR prototype in UE4. I was responsible for everything you see in the video below. In this prototype the player stands on a platform and utilizes various tools and items to wash, rinse, and dry dogs that are fed into the room on a conveyor belt. The soft-body physics and real-time liquid simulations was accomplished using Nvidia's Flex library.

You can check out the finished game on Steam using the link below!
Mass(ive) Prototype
In this FPS prototype, the player adds and removes mass from objects in the level to solve platforming and physics puzzles. The player can store up to 3 blocks worth of mass at a time (indicated by the canisters on his back).
If you haven't already guessed it, mass is just referring to the scale of an object. So the core mechanic of this prototype revolves around raycasting to objects and manipulating their scale parameters.
Below you can find the two blueprint graphs that make up this prototype. On the left is the cube actor blueprint, where the various cube parameters are stored. On the right is the character blueprint where the raycasting, ammo, and input logic are handled.
The Tiniest Ghost
The Tiniest Ghost is a hand drawn Paper Mario-inspired RPG. The prototype was made over the span of a week for my local game jam. All assets (including UI) were hand drawn in Photoshop and animated inside UE4. I was responsible for all elements in the demo.
Made for the Sarasota Game Jam in 48 hours!
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